About Me

Passion, love, and creativity are what have always fueled my soul, hence my decision to set out on an unconventional career path after graduating from the University of South Dakota with a degree in Visual Communications.   In 2008, I officially took the leap and started my business, 283 Photography.  The name comes from the month and year of my birth date, February of 1983… it felt and sounded right at the time, and has worked ever since.  I had no way of knowing what was in store for me, or if success or failure was in the works.  The fact that I am now in control of the destiny of my creative career makes me strive to dream big and try my best to make those dreams come true.

I could never be where I am today without my amazing husband and best friend, Adam.  He has supported me from the beginning and constantly proves to me that true and unconditional love really does exist.  My friends and family have also stood by my side in times of crazy and risky decisions, with consistent faith that I would survive.  I will forever be grateful to all of them… and I know that I am extremely blessed.  A side note: If by any chance you haven’t seen the ridiculous amount of pictures I share on a regular basis of him,  I am also utterly obsessed with our adorable chocolate Labradoodle, Reuben.

I am constantly striving to learn something new in photography and the business that surrounds it, and to evolve my individual style.  I love that my job introduces me to new people on a regular basis.  Whether it’s your wedding day or your life’s event, I look forward to the opportunity to document your story in a unique and beautiful way.





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